Wijnboeren en champagnehuizen verwelkomen u en nemen u mee op ontdekkingstocht naar de geheimen van de champagne...
Aarzel niet om een kijkje te nemen en hen te ontmoeten langs de Toeristische Route van de champagne*
"Alcoholmisbruik is schadelijk voor de gezondheid. Drink met mate"

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Champagne Oudard - Villenauxe©CDT Marne-Coll.CDT Marne (3)
Champagne François Oudard offers visits to its establishment (fermenting room and underground cellars) followed by a tasting session. During the ha...
2014-11-08 PO Chp yves Jacques Baye
Champagne Yves Jacques offers a tour of its wine presses, fermentation room and the entire production process of its cuvées. Vines have been plante...
Champagne Eric Isselée
A visit to the chalk cellars, the fermenting rooms and the presshouse.
Champagne Bonnevie-Bocart welcomes you all year round for visits to its establishment with tastings of its champagnes.
A house decorated with flowers with a wonderful viewpoint of the Valley of the River Marne. A family-owned estate.
Champagne Locret-Lachaud - Hautvillers
Champagne Locret-Lachaud is located in Hautvilliers, in the place known as ‘Le Point du Jour’, because in former times the property was the first i...
Château Comtesse Lafond - Epernay
A visit to the cellars in a castle.
Maison de Champagne A. Soutiran - Ambonnay
Maison de Champagne A. Soutiran offers a tasting of six cuvées.
You are sure to be seduced by the bold yet serene architecture of this champagne house. Stroll among the vines, which stretch out as far as the eye...
Champagne Mathelin - Mareuil le Port
Coralie, Cédric and Aurélien Mathelin will be delighted to introduce you to their property and passion for champagne. Do not hesitate to contact ...
Champagne Paul Goerg - Vertus
Champagne Paul Goerg welcomes you to its cellar for a tasting of its premier cru cuvées. No tours of the cellars; tasting and sales only.
On a tour of this wine estate, you will be sure to discover this passionate family's expertise through all the authenticity and quality of their ch...
Champagne Mont d'Hor - Saint-Thierry (2)
Champagne Mont d'Hor invites you to visit its estate and taste its champagne.
Champagne Pierre Laurent - Saulchery
The Pierre family has been cultivating grapes and producing Champagne wine for five generations. The family currently has an estate of 4.50 hectar...
Champagne Daniel Etienne - Cumières
A visit to the cellars (recent construction).