Wijnboeren en champagnehuizen verwelkomen u en nemen u mee op ontdekkingstocht naar de geheimen van de champagne...
Aarzel niet om een kijkje te nemen en hen te ontmoeten langs de Toeristische Route van de champagne*
"Alcoholmisbruik is schadelijk voor de gezondheid. Drink met mate"

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Champagne Doyard-Mahé – Vertu
A visit to the Estate of the Mill of Argensole, which formerly belonged to an abbey. A rustic setting.
Champagne Xavier Loriot - Binson et Orquigny
A visit to the cellars.
Champagne L&S Cheurlin - Celles-sur-Ource
Winners of the Jeune Talent du Champagne award
Champagne Eric Lemaire - Damery
Champagne Eric Lemaire offers tours of the facilities (from wine press to labelling), followed by a tasting of three different vintages (along with...
A visit to the fermenting room, the press-house, the cellars and the disgorging line. Explanations about riddling techniques and about champagne an...
Champagne De Carlini - Verzenay
This 6-hectare vineyard has been lovingly cultivated by three generations of the same family since 1955, producing 65,000 bottles a year. The fami...
A visit to the press-house.
Champagne Mont d'Hor - Saint-Thierry (2)
Champagne Mont d'Hor invites you to visit its estate and taste its champagne.
Champagne Saves
Champagne Camille Savès offers visits to its cellar.
Champagne Hamm & Fils - Ay©Champagne Hamm & Fils1
Champagne Hamm is a family-owned champagne house founded in 1910. It offers tours of the facilities, including the cellars, disgorging room and lab...
A visit to the cellars, the fermenting room and visit in vineyards in summer months.
A family-owned champagne house since 1872. A visit to the pressing centre, the fermenting room, the museum, the cellar and the storeroom. An introd...
Véronique and Damien are delighted to talk to visitors about their passions, with cellar and vine tours, champagne tasting and full immersion in th...
Champagne Marcoult - Barbonne Fayel
A visit to the fermenting room, the press-house and the cellars.