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Balade équestre



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En selle Epernay

Vanaf 65 €

En Selle Epernay invites you to explore the Epernay countryside on horseback. You will be accompanied throughout the activity.
Les Ecuries du Montois offers one-and-half-hour and full-day horse rides for all, with lunch. Booking required.
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The Centre Equestre Poney Club offers horse-riding outings.



Haras du Tiaré

The Haras du Tiaré stud farm offers horse rides. Booking required.
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Equitourisme 51

Deze vereniging heeft tot doel alle toeristische paardrijactiviteiten en nevenproducten te verenigen en te promoten in het departement Marne.



Loisirs Equitation

Loisirs Equitation offers horse rides on the plain with a guide, together with horse-drawn carriage rides.
Beginners’ and improvers’ riding courses, show-jumping, pony-trekking. Educational farm. Introduction to beekeeping, tour of milk production, farm...
Crinières Rouges - Saint-Thierry (2)
The equestrian tourism centre "Les Crinières Rouges" welcomes you all year round to the charming village of St Thierry, 5 minutes from Reims. The ...
Les Ecuries des Chênes offers one-hour or several-hour horse rides, days out with a picnic, treks, beginners’ and improvers’ courses, and taster se...
Ontdek via de vele activiteiten van deze professionele ruiterschool de rijkdom van de wegen door de Tardenois en de Marnevallei... Ontvangst in een...
Champ'A'Cheval - Bergères-les-Vertus
The Equestrian Tourism Centre "Champ’A Cheval" offers horse rides, horse-drawn carriage rides and donkey rides through the vineyards of Côte des Bl...
Balade équestre
Livery stables, equestrian centre and pony club. Visitors are welcome to come for a ride, private lesson or riding course.
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Ferme équestre du Châtelot

La Ferme Equestre du Châtelot offers horse-riding lessons and horse rides, by prior arrangement.
The current buildings date back to the mid-19th century and are adjacent to the 10th- and 12th-century abbey church. The Haras National stud farm i...